Orange Marmalade


Ripe & zesty, sweet sticky orange marmalade!

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“Orange Marmalade” by The Jam Vape Co.

Juice sold as 100ml Shortfill at 0mg strength – but includes 2 x 10ml Nic Shot (18mg strength).
If mixed, bottle will contain 120ml of juice at 3mg strength.

Bomb Site’s review: The Jam Vape Co. delivers Orange Marmalade exquisitely. On inhale, you get the sweetness of the marmalade; and on exhale, the orange comes through with a hint of buttery toast. This is no ordinary orange either. It is a sweet variety like blood orange, not too tangy, not too sweet, just right. This is like a no-peel smooth orange marmalade, so it doesn’t have a bitter or extra zest, just sweet smoothness all the way. Who says jam on toast is reserved for breakfast only? With such a lovely flavour, you can enjoy it any time of the day.

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