Flavour details: “Aniseed Flavour E-liquid”.

Depending on the specific e-liquid / juice product and/or producer, the “Aniseed Flavour” contained within this e-liquid / juice could be: the sole flavour of the e-liquid / juice; the predominant flavour of the e-liquid / juice; or a more subtle contributing element to the overall flavour of this e-liquid / juice.

The “Aniseed Flavour E-liquid” tag is therefore assigned to this specific e-liquid / juice as the “Aniseed Flavour” is – at the very least – detectable in the overall flavour of this e-liquid / juice, or, the term “Aniseed”, “Liquorice Flavour” or “Aniseed Flavour E-liquid” was included in the description of the e-liquid / juice in the promotional material supplied to us by the producer of this e-liquid / juice.

At Bomb Site Vape Shop we like to give our customers as much information about each product we sell as possible – this ensures our customers will always be in a position to make the best possible choice of e-liquid / juice from the products we have in stock. Therefore, we hope that our inclusion of the term “Aniseed Flavour E-liquid” within this product is both accurate and informative.

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