“60ml” Shortfill explained.

Since the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) came into effect, e-liquid manufacturers have found a new way of producing e-liquid in bottles larger than 10ml – these are known as “shortfill” bottles.

These bottles can be any size and have free space in the bottle for a nicotine shot to be added. The shortfill e-liquid itself is nicotine-free, with the basic idea that you add your required strength of nicotine as a shot in the top of the bottle, then shake to combine the two.

This example refers to a 60ml shortfill bottle which can contain 50ml of 0mg juice, leaving 10ml of space for 1 nicotine shot – resulting in a 60ml mixed bottle of 3mg e-liquid.

The bottles come with a secure plastic cap which can be removed relatively easily. Once the nicotine shot has been added, just ensure that the plastic cap is put firmly back in place to avoid spilling any e-liquid.

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